Le boulonnais

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Boulonnais Equine Union

The SHB, Boulonnais Equine Union was created in 1886 to manage the race and its promotion.

In 2003, he was recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries as National Association of race.

SHB - Syndicat Hippique Boulonnais

Mairie de Samer - 84 place Foch - 62830 SAMER - France
Tel. : +33 3 21 91 50 71
Website : www.le-boulonnais.com

Objectives and Actions of SHB

together farmers and ensure representation
determine the breeding and selection of race policy
make the selection of horses,
develop and conduct in connection with the IFCE and Centre Nord-Pas -de- Calais genetic resources, breeding program,
represent the Committee studbook in the commission of the French stud book breeds horses,
organize or contribute to the organization of livestock competitions or events likely to help the development of the race,
promote race ...

The goal that gives the Boulonnais Equine Union is to boost the number of births in pure race to preserve the breed. To the extent possible, the financial means will have the Union will contribute to help farmers and develop the meat market.

Work will be undertaken to develop the sale of meat in the form of small box and processed so that the foals are no longer a burden on their breeder products.

The Association for the Promotion of Boulonnais Horse joins the SHB to represent the Boulonnais at various routes organized in the year (in Franche Comté Road, Route du Poisson in 2012, World Draught horses,...).