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Union of Owners and Breeders of Trotter Horses

The UPECT is the Union of Owners and Breeders of Trotter Horses, in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais and Picardy regions.

It has about 300 members, who meet annually at a general meeting.

UPECT - Union des Propriétaires et Éleveurs de Chevaux Trotteurs

Website : www.upect.eu
Objectives and Actions of UPECT

The roles of UPECT are various:

Support farmers in their choice in crosses and their reproductive choices.
Provision of high-end projection to 20% of their value each year through the purchase of share stallions "upscale."
Organizes the milk bank.
Implementation of competition models for yearlings and mares.
Represents actors trot at national meetings or on the board of the horse, with IFCE or governing bodies trot in France